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    Enterprise Philosoph
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    Development Goals 

        First class enterprise

        First class development 
        First class quality

        First class earnings 

    Business purpose 

        Thrive on quality

        Development on reputation 
        Quality & reputation -life of enterprise 

    Enterprise philosophy 

        Improve quality, tap potential and increase benefits-center 

        Continue to develop the market-body

        Honor contract and value reputation to build good image- soul
        Be pragmatic and pursue excellence -goal 

    Development strategy

        Large group strategy, large-scale advantages
        All-round development, capital-supported operation

        Scientific management and sustainable development

    Enterprise positioning 

        large-scale, integrated, multi-field, cross-sectoral, inter-regional and transnational group with advanced technologies and equipment

    Service Tenets

    Keep Doing

        "Building the architectural art of Zhongqi Holding Group " is the common dream of all employees of the group. As the saying goes, "actions speak louder than words" and "practice makes perfect". Zhongqi Holding Group people work hard to improve their competences and capabilities under pressure and with impetus, and make unremitting efforts to realize their own value and develop Zhongqi Holding Group.

    Pursue Excellence

        Zhongqi Holding Group people keep drawing inspirations from the construction works of all times and all countries, absorbing nutrients from nature, and re-thinking, practicing and exploring the art of construction. Zhongqi Holding Group has long been trying to interpret the charm of architecture, enlighten the mind, and build contemporary classic architectural works. 

    Be Honest

        All the philosophical and developmental ideas of Zhongqi Holding Group finally come down to the word of sincerity. Zhongqi Holding Group will treat its guests from the world and make friends with international people with its sincere, warm and devout heart. 

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