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    National May 1st Labor Award
          ○  National Enterprise with Good Creditworthiness
          ○  National Excellent Construction Enterprise
          ○  National Advance Enterprise in Construction Industry
          ○  Top 500 Enterpriser of Construction in Chinas
          ○  Top 100 enterprise in Construction Industry in China
          ○  Naitonal Advance Unit in Construction Industry
          ○  Advance Unit with 30th Anniversary of National Quality Project Award
          ○  AAA-level Credit Enterprise by Enterprise Credit Evaluation
          ○  National Excellent Enterprise for Project Construction Quality Management
          ○  National Advanced Unit for Enterprise employees’ Education and Training 
          ○  AAA-level Enterprise of Quality Service Reputation 

    Provincial Advanced Enterprise of Shandong People's Government
            Labor Award for Enriching People and Prospering Shandong in Shandong Province
            Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relations in Shandong Province
            Enterprise Internship Training Base in Shandong Province
            Advanced Ccollective Enterprise of Construction Industry in Shandong Province
            Enterprises Technology Assessing Center in Shandong Province
            Technical Innovation enterprise in Shandong Province
            Advanced Uunit for Construction Project Quality Management in Shandong Province
            Advanced Unit for Construction Safety Management in Shandong Province
            Outstanding Contribution Award of Skills Competition in Shandong Province
            Special-level Advanced Unit for Archives Management in Shandong Province
            Advanced Unit for Checking RQD Resource in Shandong Province

    National May 1st Labor Award

    Provincial Advanced Enterprise
    Shandong People's Government

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